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Magento 2 Out of Stock Notification Extension allows you to send an email notification about Out of Stock Products when they are back in stock. With this extensin, you can boost your Store Sales by sending an instant email notification to your customers. The subscription process is very easy. By replacing the 'Add to Cart' button with 'Notify Me' customers can subscribe for email notification.
Powerful Key Features
Allow users to subscribe for out of stock notification
Automatically send emails when product is back in stock
Review the subscribers’ detail by product from Backoffice
Replace "Add to Cart" with customizable "Subscribe" Button
Email notifications for Admin
Customize the subscription form fields & button
GDPR complaint
More Features
Personalize User subscription form
Enable a checkbox
Select email sender type
A default email template

Visit Website for More Detail & Live Demo - https://www.fmeextensions.com/magento-2-out-of-stock-notification-alerts-extension.html


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